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Introducing BúhoTec The Vent Alarm Amplifier

Every heating oil delivery truck driver knows the sound of the fill whistle; they also know what can happen when they cannot hear it.

In many instances, outside factors make it impossible to hear the whistle potentially causing overfills and spills. Ambient noises such as city street traffic, or large distances between the nozzle and the vent can be culprits. Where the vent alarm is in an inconvenient position, drivers often have to stretch, strain and bend to get close enough to hear.

Omar Dickson, an experienced driver in New York, found a way to bring the whistle directly to the driver using wireless technology. By attaching the BúhoTec vent alarm amplifier to the vent pipe, the BúhoTec will transmit the appropiate sound to the driver wearing the headphones, letting him know when the tank is reaching full capacity. The BúhoTec vent alarm amplifier will pay for itself by avoiding just one minor accidental oil spill. It also reduces wear and tear on the drivers by allowing them to remain in a comfortable position while monitoring the filling process.

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