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Essential Oil Spill Prevention through your Advanced Wireless Headset

VA Amplifier in New Rochelle, New York, has a solution for residential heating oil delivery drivers that want to enhance their oil spill prevention efforts through a transmitter and included wireless headset. This sensor transmits a signal that allows drivers to listen to the whistle on inconveniently located vent pipes.

Innovative Design

The product is a commodity that is needed to avoid oil spills and was invented to keep from putting oil truck delivery drivers in uncomfortable crouching or stretching positions. Drivers now have to crouch or stretch to listen to inconveniently located vent pipes to hear when the oil tank is full. Some stops also require running from the vent alarm to the fill nozzle, and this tool allows them to stand or sit comfortably while listening to the whistle in their headset. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the risk of bodily injury to the driver or crossing pedestrians and in the process prevent an oil spill.

Affordable Pricing

This VA Amplifier is a huge investment it will help you avoid costly oil spills and save you a lot of money. Priced at just $99.99, the VA Amplifier will pay for itself by just avoiding one minor accidental oil spill.

Contact VA Amplifier for a reliable approach to oil spill prevention and safety through alarms to your wireless headset.